Based on the Minister of Education’s decision No. 1080 / M / 2016 dated 14.12.2016, a collaboration mechanism will be put in place between the ministry education and C.L.E.S, whereby C.L.E.S will provide free diagnosis of students who will be taking their Brevet exams and who suffer from learning disabilities, in order to discern whether special measures or procedures need to be taken for the student in this official exams.   In this context, C.L.E.S organized training sessions for the DOPs of the ministry of education in order to disseminate information about preliminary detection of learning disabilities in  Brevet students, so they can be referred to a C.L.E.S center if needed. The training sessions were facilitated by specialists and members of the C.L.E.S scientific committee who traveled from Belgium to Beirut for this purpose.