The Lebanese Center for Special Education (CLES) celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut.
Mrs. Lama Tammam Salam, spouse of H.E the Prime Minister was the guest of honor along with Mrs. Nayla Mouawad, former first lady, minister and deputy at the Lebanese Parliament, Mrs. Colette Taquet Ambassador of Belgium, Mrs. (Annamaria Laurini) UNICEF ambassador in addition to Mr. Stephan (Attali) (Head of OR General Director) of the ESA-HEC University, Mr. Michel el Murr CEO of MTV Lebanon, musicians Guy Manoukian, Khaled Mouzannar and Michel Fadel, movie director Nadine Labaki, director Sami Khayat, actors Mazen Mouaddam, Randa el Asmar, Nayla Khayat and journalists Wissam Breidi and Pierre Rabbat.

Ms. Myrna Dahdah, the master of ceremonies, cast the light on the Center’s beginnings and journey up to its 15th anniversary as well as the media campaign it held for the occasion.

Mrs. Carmen Chahine Debbane the president and founder of CLES presented the Center’s activities which are aimed at providing the right to education for all especially for children aged between 3 and 12 and suffering from specific learning difficulties. Mrs. Debbane announced the signature with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of a ten year cooperation Protocol to fund 200 learning support classes in 200 public schools throughout the Lebanese territories, without any exception.

Mrs. Debbane introduced the audience to the Board members and team of experts who is accompanying the children namely experts in psychology, speech therapy and psychomotor learning and she thanked all the contributors to the success and sustainability of CLES and primarily Mr. Raymond Debbane.

The Lebanese Center for Special Education (CLES) was founded to help and assist the “forgotten children” because, unlike the children who suffer from visible handicaps, we don’t think they need any help and we judge them as lazy or dumb instead even though they are working so hard but eventually they will end up failing and dropping out of school due to negligence. So the importance of the center lies in raising awareness on the necessity to discover the children’s difficulties at an early age because then they can overcome these difficulties and stay in their schools by spending few hours a week after school with a team of specialists.

The dinner ceremony was held along with many other activities as a part of CLES media campaign to raise awareness on the difficulties faced by a large number of students. The media campaign was represented by the Lebanese actors Georges Khabbaz, Randa El Asmar, Mazen Mouaddem, Carole El Hajj and the director Carlos Chahine.

Luxury Limited Edition represented by its chairperson Cynthia Sarkis Perros hosted the party where Tony Abou Jaoude, Cynthia Brown, Bruno Tabbal, Cynthia Karam, Maan Zakaria, Cynthia Baroud and Brigitte Yaghi had live performances in both Arabic and foreign languages.