Celebrating CLES’ 20 Years

More than 120 people, team and board members of the Lebanese Center for Special Education (CLES), as well as specialists in education and learning disabilities who came from Belgium, in addition to members of NDI (National Dance Institute of New York) celebrated on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, between Kefraya and Ammiq (Beqaa), the 20 years of hope, generosity and success, thanks to hard and diligent efforts, just like seeds that were carefully sown.

Launching “Understanding Your Child” platform in collaboration with Lebanese Alternative Learning (LAL)

CLES launched a questions and answers digital platform in collaboration with “Lebanese Alternative Learning” (LAL). Through multiple-choice and True/False questions, this interactive platform allows parents of children with specific learning disabilities to ask questions and get answers. It aims at assessing parents’ level of comprehension of their child’s case, helping them understand it better, and explaining its details, the ways to diagnose it, live with it and ask for help…

Planting with AUB Seeds of Hope Initiative

It is from this perspective that the admin of CLES, presided by its founder, Mrs. Carmen Chahine Debbane, wanted the celebration to be inspired by the hard work that started as a seed, and grew with love to encompass the whole country. Hence, they chose the noblest and oldest job in the world to represent it: agriculture and plantation in Kefraya (Bekaa).