Responding to Beirut Explosion Crisis

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 18:07 Beirut time, a massive explosion shattered the city, leaving at least 220 deaths, 8000 injuries, US$10–15 billion in property loss, and has left an approximated 300,000 people completely homeless.

As a result of this catastrophic event, local and international efforts set up emergency crisis units in response to the immediate and urgent needs of the suffering and helpless community.

Care By CLES, an initiative by CLES to help the families affected by the economical situation in Lebanon, set up a crisis emergency unit to help quickly the affected families. The crisis emergency unit created a database and developed a needs assessment protocol to help as many people as possible.

With thousands of people displaced and with the influx of injuries, home rehabilitation, food, hygiene supplies, and psychological support are mandatory to help people heal faster as they try to recover from the physical and emotional trauma they have been subjected to.


Care By CLES Is Currently Working On:

Offering 4000 Vouchers In The Month Of August To People In Need

As an extension to Care by CLES, CLES is giving much needed vouchers to suffering families so that they can spend on their direct needs, be it food, hygiene products, or clothing.


Reinstalling Glass For The Affected Houses Of CLES’ Students

CLES is sparing no effort in promptly reinstalling the glass for the safety of children.


Providing Remote Psychological Support For Children Affected By The Explosion

CLES’ team of psychologists is offering free online sessions through ZOOM or over the phone to help people cope with the blast aftermath.

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