CLES celebrates 10.10.DYS by fully funding 5 short films

This year and like every year, we celebrated the Specific Learning Difficulties Day, 10.10.DYS, on October 10.

For this year, and as CLES believes in the power of art to create a sense of togetherness that transcends disabilities and challenges, we introduced Art by CLES, a program that offered full grants to filmmakers in Lebanon.

For the first edition of Art by CLES, five films had the chance to see the light after winning the grant and receiving full funding to be produced.

On the morning of October 10, the winning films were showcased at Grand cinemas ABC Ashrafieh. The films carried a moving message that called for compassion and understanding as those who have specific learning difficulties can often be misunderstood and bullied at school and in life, and the lack of support could increase dropping out of school.