The Strength in Empathy

In the middle of the diagnostics center stood an old couple holding hands. Hany’s right arm was shivering due to a major stroke he had earlier on this year and Sally, his wife of 73 years, calmly and lovingly caressed it. Their clothes were old but clean, and their eyes had a million stories to tell, one of which was newfound gratitude to CLES that pledged to cover all their food and hygienic needs for the foreseen future.

Restoring faith in humanity (AL JADEED TV)

It was another day of distributing food and hygiene parcels at the supermarket and all of Care by CLES members were divided into teams of packing, data checking, distribution and delivery.

The list of names had reached its maximum allotted numbers, and as it was another difficult month for Lebanese citizens, CLES’s management decided to double the efforts and add as many families as the donations and logistics allowed.