Uniting Hearts and Minds: CLES’s 2023 Annual Reunion

This year’s annual reunion, held on August 28th and 29th at Al Bustan Hotel, was an extraordinary event that brought together the heart and soul of the organization. Over two days, dedicated team members from all eight centers across Lebanon united for a series of impactful presentations, engaging workshops, and meaningful exchanges.


Day 1

Welcoming the CLES Family

The event started with a warm welcome by CLES Founder and CEO Carmen Chahine Debbane, who set the tone for the reunion with her inspiring words.


Diving into CLES programs

The day unfolded with insightful discussions, shedding light on the essence of “Care by CLES” and the profound impact of “Care for a Family” program. The significance of the “DYS scholarship” program was also highlighted, showcasing CLES’ commitment to providing educational opportunities for children with specific learning difficulties.


Being a Parent: A Difficult Job

Led by the scientific committee, one of the day’s highlights was the parental workshop on “Being a Parent: A Difficult Job” emphasizing the challenges and rewards of parenting in today’s world.


Resposibility and Limits

Judge Nassib Elia captured the audience by sharing valuable insights on protecting children against abuse, an essential topic today.


Technology and AI

The power of technology and knowledge was harnessed in a session on AI, showcasing how cutting-edge advancements can be integrated into CLES’s operations.


Dance by CLES

The day took an artistic turn when the teams joined the Dance by CLES team for a fun dance session, exemplifying the unity and passion that define the organization.


The day was concluded on a celebratory note with a dinner that allowed team members to connect and share experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity.


Day 2

Diving into CLES centers

The second day commenced with a morning session that offered a glimpse into life at CLES’s centers, shedding light on the daily efforts and invaluable impact on the children and families served.


Empowerment took center stage as the center assistants conducted workshops on public speaking and daily technical skills, enhancing practical skills and self-confidence.


Vision and Learning

A session on vision, presented by Naji Bassil, underscored the importance of clear sight in a child’s development journey.


Hyperactivity and Neuroscience

Frederic Puyjarinet led an online session on “Hyperactivity and Neuroscience,” delving into the scientific aspects behind some children’s challenges.


The Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross held a crucial awareness session, where a professional demonstrated the correct responses to various accidents involving adults and children, underscoring the importance of preparedness and immediate response.


Drum Circle

As the sessions drew close, participants formed a circle, each equipped with a percussion instrument. Guided by Mia Bteich, the group embarked on a coordinated musical endeavor. The rhythmic beats resonated with harmony and collaboration, encapsulating the essence of unity and creativity that defines CLES.


The annual reunion was a testament to the organization’s dedication to positively impacting the lives of children with specific learning difficulties. Over these two days, team members engaged in a rich tapestry of knowledge exchange, new ideas, and continuous learning.