Let’s Music Award Ceremony 10.10.DYS 2022

Music is a universal language of unity, inspiration, and hope. On the occasion of the Specific Learning Difficulties Day, the Lebanese Center for Special Education (CLES) and Virgin Radio Lebanon held a ceremony to raise awareness on these difficulties under the title Let’s Music, where prizes were distributed to the winners of a music competition organized in cooperation with Virgin Radio Lebanon.

The competition started in March on Virgin Radio Lebanon and invited local talents to share their videos. Virgin Radio Lebanon received more than 1,100 videos, out of which 74 videos were selected and shared across social media platforms for the public to vote.

120,000 people participated in the vote, and the 28 finalists submitted one more video for a Jury of artists and musicians to choose from.

1. Mark Hanania (Piano and keyboard)
2. Adriana Diab (Arabic singing)
3. Gaelle Imad (Strings and Chords)
4. Krystine Bejjani (Percussions and drums)
5. Shaden Farhat (English singing)