Celebrating CLES’ 20 Years

More than 120 people, team and board members of the Lebanese Center for Special Education (CLES), as well as specialists in education and learning disabilities who came from Belgium, in addition to members of NDI (National Dance Institute of New York) celebrated on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, between Kefraya and Ammiq (Beqaa), the 20 years of hope, generosity and success, thanks to hard and diligent efforts, just like seeds that were carefully sown.

CLES team

Annual Meeting 2019 in Chouf

Every year brings exciting new heights and challenges! In preparation for the days ahead, CLES president Mrs. Carmen Chahine Debbane and Mr. Raymond Debbane hosted an annual meeting at Deir Al Oumara in Chouf, which included workshops, discussion groups, and various presentations all aimed at improving CLES strategy and performance.

Fourth Annual 10.10.DYS Conference

C.L.E.S organized its fourth annual 10.10.DYS conference titled: “Let’s talk about DYS” on October 10th, 2018 at the Pierre Abou Khater Theater at Saint Joseph University, under the patronage and presence of Minister of Education and Higher Education Marwan Hamadeh, and with the participation of actress Natalie Bay. The keynote speaker was Oliver Houdé Professor of psychology at the University of Paris-Descartes,

Team Internal Meeting 2018

The growing C.L.E.S team came together for its annual internal meeting on August 29th and 30th with C.L.E.S president Mrs. Carmen Chahine Debbane and Mr. Raymond Debbane.

Dance by CLES in Mohammad Shamel Official School

As part of the activities of the “Dance by C.L.E.S” program that was launched this academic year in collaboration with the National Dance Institute of New York (NDI), the students of the Mohammad Shamel Official School gave a dance recital to showcase their mid-year progress…